Ernesto "Tex" Tejada

Drunken Martian Cholo



Morph: Heavily Genefixed 02-OLYMPIAN
Gender Identity: Male
Morph Gender: Male

Origin: Hyperelite
Faction Association: Suicide Kings


Tex is a hispanic male physically in his mid-30’s. 5’7, broad, muscular but also kind of fat. Hair is black and in a pseudo-mullet, shaved close on the sides and heavily gelled in the front/top. Has a handlebar moustache, a soul patch, and bushy eyebrows. He has several scars along his jaw, and a star tattoo under his left eye. His eyes are slightly pink and permanently bloodshot, a sign of BLDI abuse. His arms also bear heavy track marks.
He wears ostentatious cowboy boots made of white leather and gold lame with bluejeans, a brown leather trenchcoat lined with nanofibers, a nanoweave tac-vest, and a well worn flat brim cowboy hat made of dark brown leather with a snakeskin band and a red feather. He also wears a set of rosary beads with a gold crucifix. He has a tattoo of a jack of hearts on his left arm, a sign of his involvement with the Suicide Kings cartel.

Ernesto "Tex" Tejada

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