Ra'o Tissaravan-Ssussarnas B'asharsaaa

Confused Alien Commando


Ra’o Unmasked


Morph: Standard Toa’a, Orobouros Symbiote
Gender Identity: Male?
Morph Gender: Male?

Origin: Alien
Faction Association: Toa’a Combined Forces


R’ao is 6’2, wiry, and flexible. Most of his body is covered in smooth, flat scales in alternating bands of jade green and navy blue, with a different pattern of pale green scales on his abdominal region. His hands and feet both have six digits each, and his fingers are long and thin. His face is covered in a number of larger, thicker scales, and he has a crest of yellow feathered “hair” on the top and back of his head. His hands have sharp, toothlike spurs at the butt of the hand near the wrist, generally retracted but exposed in combat or when threatened. R’ao doesn’t have teeth, per se, but something resembling a beak behind his lips. It’s a more or less uniform curved mass of sharp dentin or bone resembling a mouthguard on the lower jaw. On the upper jaw, it forms into two fanglike protrusions, resembling thus M__M but upside down

Ra'o Tissaravan-Ssussarnas B'asharsaaa

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