Chainer Putnam

Otherworldly Man of God




Son of renown evangelists and spiritual leaders Whittney and Rexella Putnam, Chainer is heir to one of the most powerful ministries/ religious networks in human history. He was poised to take his parents’ place until a mission trip to The Dust changed his life forever. Here he explored Pandora’s Box with Kooper “K.G.” Garfield, at that time a respected scientist. Something happened in the ruins that awakened both Chainer’s interest in spiritism and the occult, and his latent Psionic abilities. He began siphoning off his families resources to fund his own fringe research projects, as well as his own parascience group, The Friends of the Putnams, to better understand the mysteries of the universe.

Though he’s only 37, Chainer has the appearance of a much older man due to his naturally silver-gray hair and weathered appearance. He’s an avid enthusiast of fitness and fashion, and makes sure to look his best at all times, even going so far as to bring health advisors and fashion gurus to exoplanetary expedition sites. Despite this apparent vanity, Chainer is a very spiritual, religious man, often going out of his way to give charity or council to those in need of it. He’s said to have a strange, numinous aura of serenity and majesty about him, though this is largely said by his followers and PR men

Chainer Putnam

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