(Captain) Jacob Landers

A blast from the past on a mission to climb the mountain of God and save his people.


Strength: 12 Hit Points: 15
Dexterity: 15 Perception: 16
Intelligence: 16 Will: 16
Health: 12 Fatigue Points: 12

Racial specials (True Human):
Disease Vulnerability: (Stats to be added in by GM I forget them myself besides the obvious things like Jacob can get a future cold and die)

Psychotic Fits: (Actual stats also to be added in but think of things along of Jacob’s Ladder and the like. Jacob has these fits because of the long time being in cryogenic sleep)

Base Speed: 7.00 Dodge: 10 Basic Move: 7 Thrust: 1d-1 Swing: 1d+2

Advantages: Absolute Direction, Absolute Timing, Ambidexterity, Common Sense, Eidetic Memory, Reputation, Lightning Calculator.

Disadvantages: Hunted, Undue Attention, Flashbacks (mild), Weirdness Magnet.

Astronomy: (16)
Beam Weapons: (16)
Cartography: (16)
Computer Operations: (16)
Crewman: (16)
Diplomacy: (16)
Driving: (15)
Engineer: (16)
Environmental Suit: (15)
Guns: (15)
Martial Arts: (15)
Machinist: (16)
Mechanic: (16)
Navigation: (16)
Pilot: (30)
Beam Gunner: (18)
Space Naval Tactics: (20)
Saber: (18)

Unique Skills:
Military Wild Card (encompasses the Explosives, Scuba, Hazardous Materials, Savoir-Faire, Strategy, Tactics, Parachuting, Hiking, Stealth, Camouflage, Gesture, Observation, Tracking, Intelligence Analysis, Armory, and Soldier.): (15)
A.T. Field (20)
A.T. Field Strike: (20) Uses the A.T. Field as a weapon (8d Melee/Reach: C/1-2/ Accessibility Common/ Affects Most Things/ Cost: 1 Fatigue Point)
Shield Other: (16)

Psyche: 100 (Psyche goes down when coming into contact that cause great stress or things that Jacobs mind can not understand. If his Psyche were ever to reach 0 who knows what would happen)


(Captain) Jacob Landers

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